‘Magnolia Leadership’ is a must-listen to podcast for anyone ready to explore sacred feminine leadership. Our work at Magnolia Leadership is about nurturing inner cultivation and outer expression on behalf of personal sovereignty and professional impact.

What would leadership be like if the feminine was deeply nourished? This is the question holistic practitioner, Catherine Miller, and her multidisciplinary guests explore over the course of each episode.

We invite those who are also moving outside of our broken systems into this shared space. Questions this podcast explores: How has the feminine been treated in our current systems? How can we tap into the power of the feminine archetypes to claim our own power? How are women and men connecting to the sacred feminine, and what could this be like in our the future? What role does feminine leadership hold in healing the masculine?

Catherine Miller, a spiritual practitioner and business coach for over 25 years. She has been working with clients to be alignment with their own selves. 

This podcast is for those doing the work to remember who they are.


Conversations explore what it feels like to recognize one’s own self, remember your soul’s work, the sacrifice of leaving old systems, and move into aligned ways of being as our society transitions to a new era where the feminine reclaims its sacred power.

Impactful Leadership — Tanya Geisler

In this episode, Catherine welcomes leadership coach, speaker, writer, imposter complex expert, and sassy soul Tanya Geisler...

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Whole & Healing: Embracing Sacred Truth Within — Katy Blackman

Discover the transformative power of healing from a place of wholeness as we embark on a lively conversation about how to...

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Fierce Mama Love — Catherine Miller

In this episode of the Magnolia Leadership Podcast, "Fierce Mama Love," Catherine embarks on a journey to explore and celebrate the potent...

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Power, Truth, and Beauty in the Hard Spots — Tray Schlarb

In this episode, designer, business owner, mother, and beauty creator Tray Schlarb offer us her wisdom for navigating life’s...

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Open to Receive — Meditation

This meditation, Open to Receive, is a great one to work with and you find yourself hitting those pockets that are difficult...

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Healing Our Workplace with Heart — Heather Gunnell

Heather Gunnell, an inspiring and experienced leadership coach and consultant of 20 years, explains her vision for creating healthy...

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Opening to Your Depths

Sometimes the best thing we can do is rest and relax. When we relax, our thoughts and habituated patterns start dissipating, and we...

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 Truth and the Wise Woman — Josefa James

Meet Josefa James, a multiracial trailblazer and advocate for education, justice, people of color, and women. Born as the fourth child...

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Easing into Love — Gillian Nathan

Gillian Nathan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, and Certified Imago Relationship Counselor.  For over 25 years...

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Healer to the Healers — Shelley Tantau

Healer to the Healers, Shelley Tantau is a nurse practitioner, and coach who guides health workers through their own holistic healing practices...

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Dancing with Infinite Wisdom — Djamilla Samad

Dancer and teacher, Djamilla Samad moves through life with a vibrant energy, letting go of what no longer serves to make something new. Djamilla’s life...

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Making Sound — Annakalmia Traver

Annakalmia Traver (she/they) is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and poet. A student, interpreter and manifestor...

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Never Ending Journey — Janel Holiday

Dedicated to living a life guided by her intuition, Janel Holiday is a San Francisco-based Interior Designer and yoga practitioner, and teacher who...

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Pleasure Activism — Meena Bhasin

Feeling disconnected from her body after giving birth, pleasure activist and violist Meena Bhasin began a journey to reclaim her greatest source of pleasure....

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Effecting Structural Change For Women – Carol Gamble

Carol Gamble, (Legal Advisor and Coach, Retired General Counsel) passionately shares her insights on supporting and uplifting women in both...

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Earth Elements — Katie Chirgotis

Katie Chirgotis is a practicing florist, student of Nature and seeker of deeper knowing based on the Central Coast of California. As our collective society tilts...

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Advocating for Yourself — Rhea Mistades

Rhea Mistades, CHT, LMFT is a Psychotherapist and Healer of Filipino ethnic origin supports her clients to connect to their inner power...

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Trusting Your Fullness — Mara Glatzel

Intuitive Coach & author, Mara Glatzel explores what it feels like to identify, honor, and advocate for your own needs. Mara is the author of Needy...

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A Happier Mind — Anh Oppenheimer

Catherine speaks with Anh Oppenheimer, mental health advocate and entrepreneur who shares her real-time process of how she confronts her mental health...</p

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Mother's Day Is Not Enough!

In this Mother’s Day episode, Catherine explores the true power of mothering and what it really means to hold reverence for mothering.

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Healing Through Interior Design — Michelle Spoelstra

Have you considered how many different types of energies your home is holding? Michelle Spoelstra, a Clinical Psychologist and Healing Interior Designer...

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Reclamation of Wealth — Megan deBoer

Catherine speaks with Megan deBoer, a Wealth Doula who defines wealth as a multifaceted state of abundance in relationships, health, community...

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Fearing the Feminine Creative Force

In this episode Catherine explores: Being a willing, open vessel to the creative life force. Noticing the resistance to feminine as it arises in the body.


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Surrendering to the Creative Force — Shay Carrillo

Shay Carrillo has been led by a creative vision that has blossomed toward a movement revitalizing the linen industry in Portland, Oregon.

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Catching the Disruptive Narrative

Catherine shares her process of how to identify disruptive narratives that may be interfering with our actual deeply resonating dreams. 


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Connecting to Your Womb — Brittany Anderson

Catherine talks with Brittany Anderson, a womb healer, and nurse practitioner, who supports women from preconception through postpartum...


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Grandmothers & Sacred Feminine Wisdom — With Visual

Catherine shares her thoughts on connecting with our own unique feminine ancestral guides and how she honors her own lineage...

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Body Peace — Nina Manolson

Nina Manolson has been coaching women for the past 25 years to find peace with their bodies.


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Being a Sacred Vessel  — Visualization Practice

Catherine shares her perspective on being a vessel for Guidance to bring our desires and dreams into reality.


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Designing through the Unknown — Jan Hammock

Catherine speaks with Jan Hammock, a Designer of Delight,  a maven of moving through the Unknown. She alchemized her own pain into...

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