Never Ending Journey - Janel Holiday

Dedicated to living a life guided by her intuition, Janel Holiday is a San Francisco-based Interior Designer and yoga practitioner, and teacher who continues to transform her own creative frontier.

In this conversation, Janel and Catherine discuss…

  • Practices to come back to center when emotions take over

  •  Changing relationship between food and the body 

  •  When making decisions, ask,  ‘What will make me more honest?’

  •  Remembering each of us has something to offer 

  •  Finding ways of working that are nourishing 

  •  Asking yourself, ‘Can I be a work in progress and be okay with where I am now?’

  •  Running a business that meets your own evolving need

  •  Inspired by the ‘glittery’ and the ‘tragic’ 

  •  Importance of working with the dynamic energetics within a home 

  •  Making a space of self-acceptance for just you  

Janel Holiday is the Principal and Owner of Janel Holiday Interior Design, a full-service interior design studio that draws from over twenty years of experience in creating unique and individual environments. She realizes each project's specific needs and helps support ideas from dreams to reality while keeping within a client’s comfort zone, be it visual or budget. All family members, pets, and activities are taken into careful consideration to ensure that the finished design is not only beautiful and personal, but livable and practical as well. Janel believes that a thoughtful, curated environment can emotionally and physically enhance and change one's life. As a native “Cali Girl”, Janel pulls inspiration from the California lifestyle and surroundings with everything from the coastline, desert landscapes, mountain ranges, old Hollywood, redwoods, and Modernism. When not immersed in the world of design, Janel can be found spending time in museums and at art shows, hiking and getting out in nature as much as possible, practicing and teaching yoga, riding vintage Italian scooters, and spoiling her adopted chihuahua girl gang..

Learn more about Janel’s interior design work:

IG: janelholidayinteriordesign

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