Catherine has worked with thousands of clients. Here is a bit about what they have to say.


"She is a truth teller, supports me in the visions I hold, and offers love and understanding that supports me in staying true to myself. Catherine is also seasoned and skilled at meeting the shadowy parts of life and will simultaneously be the first one to celebrate life’s joys and beauty with you, wholeheartedly."


"You have the absolute gift of transmuting my thoughts into words. It is incredible whenever I listen to you — I say to myself "well that is exactly what I am thinking about"!!!"





"The most helpful part of what Catherine did for me — and she did this consistently, every session — was to ask the right questions at the right time. A lot of work happened in between sessions, but it was because of the ideas Catherine planted for me. Almost like a chef, adding ingredients that are subtle, but make a dish complete."

Mark L.

"Catherine is hands down the best therapist I've ever worked with. Every session is productive. She doesn't talk at or down, but she also doesn't just sit and listen while the minutes roll away. She's totally engaged, and always steering towards the center of issues. Her homework/recommendations are direct. And, for those interested, she's clearly working the issues on several levels; it is nice to feel the very real energetic support towards health."

Beth O.

"I began working with Catherine in 2009 after I gave birth to my daughter.  Shortly after she was born my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, needless to say, it was a very challenging time for our family.

Catherine's support, guidance, healing, and wisdom got me through one of the toughest times in my life. She has helped me heal and move through blocks, patterns, and beliefs, that I felt were never going to shift."

Kirk H.

"Catherine's wisdom and expertise allowed me to explore my mind and soul in ways that I hadn't before, but her compassion, understanding, and ability to listen were what helped me feel relaxed and heard like I hadn't before. She taught me how to guide myself through the good and the bad ahead. She helped me acknowledge so many parts of my emotional being and realize how much light and hope there is ahead." 

Anonymous — Educator

"Several months before retiring I started seeing Catherine. I was depressed and angry about much that had happened at my job over the previous four years.

She helped me to see patterns throughout my life that held me back. She helped me to integrate a cognitive, somatic and spiritual way of being that helped me to reconnect with parts of me that had been lost over the years."

Tray S.

"Catherine, hands down has been the silver lining in my painful divorce process. Catherine came into my life when my long term marriage ended. With a broken heart & a big change in the shape of my family - Catherine has shepherded my grief & heartache with tenderness & empathy guiding me to sit strongly in the present moment vs the past.  Catherine has gently stoked my flame allowing me to claim back my emotional power & put my Queen crown back on!"

Seth B.

"We met Catherine at a time of mourning. She led us through our grief and became the guide, moderator, injector of needed humor, and reality check-valve we've needed to navigate an overwhelming time in lives occurring during an extraordinary time on our earth. I am deeply grateful to her. I adore and love my wife, our relationship, and our family and thank Catherine for all she has done to keep that flame burning."

Rhea M.

"I began seeing her to navigate through some deep, complex grief and hard life choices. I emerged from her sanctuary a wholly different person — more deeply connected to my truth and firmly on the side of my highest visions and aspirations."

Lake B.

"Catherine is like a spiritual masseuse who knows how to gently work towards the core of an issue to create holistic and transformational change."



Susan A.

"Our work together has made me feel centered, joyful and excited for the future. My soul feels replenished, I fear less, and I am learning to trust the process, trust in myself and remain present to live it fully each day. I am starting to listen to more of what I want/need and acting on it!"