Why the name Magnolia Leadership?

The Magnolia Leadership concept arrived with my community of sacred, feminine leaders during a ceremony. The archetype points to a profoundly reverent guide, the magnolia. My team and I understand her wisdom through meditation, connection to the land, and ongoing dialog among our growing community. 

Magnolias first existed over 140 million years ago, making them one of the oldest flowering plants on earth! Across cultures, magnolias represent the embodiment of yin, the feminine energy. They represent longevity, wealth, and stability. Their fragrant flowers are said to withstand time. They can take up to 25 years to produce their first blossoms, and these blossoms weather all sorts of changes in their environment. 

Magnolia Leadership sees the blossoms as the offering — beautiful, strong, and a portal connecting us to our primordial blueprint, truest self, and love.

Our Mission

We are here to guide you home, remind you of your courage, awaken your deepest knowing, reveal your fullest expression, and support your beautiful blossoming.

Our Vision

We sense a future of profound co-creation, where the feminine is deeply nourished, continuously moving through transformation, and in sacred union with the sacred masculine and all of life.

Our Guiding Principles


Life is the mystery school that aligns you with your heart and soul. From truth and integrity, we can brilliantly lead.
We believe that to lead, we must:

Be rooted in our truth and integrity

Honor our body and her seasons and needs

Claim our sovereignty and hold ourselves to radical responsibility

Learn from and harmonize with the natural world and the cosmos

Commit to deep compassion and loving-kindness for self and others

Bravely meet our shadow and edges to let go of what no longer serves

Remain devoted to the sacred as defined by each of us

Remember who we are for our fullest becoming

Center the spiral as a metaphor for our ever-unfolding layers of self-discovery

Honor the power of sacred union and communion to heal the imbalance of our time


Hi, I’m Catherine Miller

Transformational Coach
Soul Guide
Powerful Initiator
Embodied Teacher of Love
Devotee of the Sacred and Mama Earth
and Founder & CEO of Magnolia Leadership


I’ve committed to loving completely as the most potent source of healing on the planet. I am an open vessel for divine love. ​

My mission is to help you remember your power, activate your soul’s purpose, and come into deep alignment to live a beauty-filled, impactful life of union with self, loved ones, the earth, and the divine.

I help leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, couples, teens, and families tap into the incredible power of the sacred within to express soul gifts for loving relationships and profound impact.

Magnolia Leadership is the blossom of a lifelong devotion to the sacred, love, consciousness, and transformation. It draws on over 30 years of study and application in my private practice.

I hold a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing and have completed the coursework for an MA in Counseling Psychology. After spending ten years in corporate marketing, I studied Depth Hypnosis, Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Buddhist Psychology, and Transpersonal Psychology for over a decade with Dr. Isa Gucciardi. I was certified and worked for ten years as a Depth Hypnosis practitioner and Shamanic Counselor through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. In my ongoing learning, I’ve studied sacred feminine, nervous system wellness, holistic healing, sacred leadership, and many more.

I’ve meditated every day since I started studying Buddhism 25 years ago. My teachers include S.N. Goenka, Anam Thubten, and Dr. Isa Gucciardi.

Additional teachers I have studied with include:

Dr. Anne Davin, the Sacred Feminine;  
Dr. Keith Witt, Couples, Sacred Masculine expert;
Rachael Maddox, Trauma Resolution Educator;
Sara Jenks, Priestess and Sacred Feminine Educator

Elayne Kailila, Spiritual Mentor and Ceremonialist;
Diana Dubrow, Anointing; 
Tanya Geisler, Imposter Complex;
Tami Brunk, Shamanic Astrologer.

I’m a mama to two sons, a dog, and a cat. I’ve been single, married, divorced, and re-partnered. I live, work, and love on the Anam Mutsun lands in Santa Cruz, California.

My children, clients, and the earth have been my greatest teachers.

The Tao is dark and unfathomable.
So how can it make her radiant?
Because she lets it…
This source is called darkness.
The gateway to all understanding.

– Tao Te Ching


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