Welcome In

You, open-hearted lover,
You are a beautiful heart-centered human with powerful soul gifts and hard-won wisdom

You, soul journeyer,
You have birthed beautiful creations, walked through many dark storms, and are on the precipice of your next season. You have something potent to bring forward now

You, creator/creatrix,
You’re powerfully creative, a change-maker, and a dream nurturer. You understand your potential and want to tap into and bloom from this source. You crave embodiment

You, who elevates,
You are called to your edge and crave rich, nourishing support — community and trustworthy guidance — to birth what’s next. You are tired of rolling solo

You, of depth and connection,
You revere the earth, the cosmos, and your divine nature. You yearn to be in greater union with all of life

You, full of radiance,
You want to feel lit up, full of joy and love. So you are committed to prioritizing the care of your body, mind, and spirit but want some sisters to walk with

You, courageous dreamer,
You aren’t afraid to envision and co-create with spirit and others. You understand this as true power. So let’s incubate your dream together

We witness you at the threshold!
We are here to support you at the edge of your becoming and to empower you through the fires of your initiation

We support major life transformations such as:

Birthing a child
Older children leaving the nest
Grieving the loss of loved ones
Traumatic events
Expansive events
Navigating dating and intimacy

Facing a health challenge
Up-leveling health
Redefining your work
Retiring from work
Claiming a dream or setting a dream aside
Committing to the next best version of you
Elevating the sacred in your life

There are unlimited possibilities of the threshold changes we support!

You understand this life is precious and full of possibilities, and you are ready to elevate yours. We are prepared to have fun together weaving practical and big magic.

Welcome in!

Our First Offering


Blossom: A Sacred Path to the Embodied Woman

A 4-month threshold program and retreat to affirm and reveal your deepest calling, cultivate your power, harness your wisdom, and bloom your dreams in this next season of life!

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Dearly Beloved!

Let us go toward Union.
And if we find the road
That leads to separation,
We will destroy separation,

Let us go hand in hand.
Let us enter the presence of Truth.
Let it be our judge
And imprint its seal ...
upon our union Forever.

- Rumi


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Photo credit: Kelly Truitt, Photo credit: Work Play Branding