Blossom: A Sacred Path to the Embodied Woman  

Create something spectacular, sacred, and sexy in your next season of womanhood!

For the wise, empowered woman full of big dreams, life experience, and a loving heart who dares to want more!

Welcome to Blossom.

For women who are committed to their highest potential

ā€‹Awaken and embody your next-level wisdom and brilliance.

Tap into the sacred and learn to access your deepest

ā€‹Become a Magnolia Leader in her fullest bloom.

Are you a Magnolia leader?

Blossom is A 4-month threshold program and retreat to:

  • Affirm and reveal your deepest calling
  • Cultivate your power
  • Harness your wisdom
  • And bloom your dreams in this next season of life!

You’ve lived life’s beauty and heartbreak. You’ve descended into the underworld, met your shadow, and emerged many times over. You have walked through loss and significant upheaval. 

  • You may have experienced a health crisis and are ready to live with the most vitality.
  • Raised children and ready to claim something spectacular for yourself.
  • Left a job that defined you and are now ready to work in ways that align with your passion.
  • Navigated a divorce and are ready to reclaim your fire.

You know how to firewalk! 

This next threshold feels different. Your heart longs for something more beautiful, sustainable, and potent.

Are you ready to . . .

* Experience a deeper connection to yourself and your soul’s purpose
* Strengthen your relationship with the sacred
* Return to yourself and birth your most potent creation
* Approach your finances from a place of abundance
* Lovingly confront the edges of yourself
* Feel radiant — fabulous, lit up, and on fire
* Remove interferences and conditioning holding you back
* Rebalance your patterns of giving and receiving 
* Leave your mark on the world
* Amplify your aliveness
* Rebirth your world from a place that nourishes you, your family, and your business — something sacred and powerful

Let’s walk this path together as you emerge into your fullest bloom!

You desire more — more love, radiance, expansion, meaning, and more impact in all areas of life.

I’m your guide, Catherine Miller. 

Over the past 30 years, I’ve walked through the initiatory fire with hundreds of clients. I’m an expert initiator, amplifier, and guide for life’s most potent transitions.

Magnolia Leadership sees the blossoms as the offering — beautiful, strong, and a portal connecting us to our truest self. 

During our journey together, you can expect:

Healing Sessions
to remove interferences, help you hold power, and learn to build trust with your guidance.

Vision Sessions to identify your own sacred deepest vision and deepening best practices to move toward your fullest bloom.

Throughout the sessions, you will . . .

Participate in ceremonies and rituals as you continue expanding your connection with your heart, womb, and earth-aligned power.

Receive energy medicine as you continue to shift your relationship to self, others, and the divine.

Learn tools for daily practice, such as nourishing prayers, mantras, and meditations for connecting with the sacred.

Meet a community of soulful women to help amplify your soul’s full expression.

The program includes:

  • 75-minute private healing sessions (online or in-person) — a total of 6 sessions
  • 30-minute private vision sessions (online or in-person) — once per week
  • 3-day group retreat (in-person) — TBD
  • Shamanic Astrology Reading 
  • Direct access to me through Voxer to receive real-time feedback as you share challenges and celebrations

Add on a 1:1 Immersion Soul Journey

In addition to the program, add a personalized retreat for your additional support. Hosted in-person. 

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Djamilla S.

"I was stuck in a highly dysfunctional and abusive relationship. Catherine helped me leave this relationship to live in freedom and emotional safety. I felt empowered, understood, and deeply understood .Catherine helped me understand my value and deserved to be treated with dignity. She was guiding her through a time of absolute darkness."

Susan C.

"Our work together has made me feel centered, joyful, and excited for the future. My soul feels replenished and I fear less. I am learning to trust the process, trust in myself and remain present to live each day fully. I am starting to listen to and act on what I want/need more!"

Artina M

"I hadn’t thought I would learn so much about myself and grow so much, but Catherine is so gentle, kind and warm that it has made it easier for me to soften and see how this doesn’t mean weakening but is actually strengthening my ability to live more openly without fears I hadn’t realized I had been carrying tightly with me all these years."