Surrendering to the Creative Force — Shay Carrillo

Shay Carrillo has been led by a creative vision that has blossomed toward a movement revitalizing the linen industry in Portland, Oregon. Guided by beauty, Shay has been led into deeper layers of her work, advocating for healthier food access, land stewardship, and creating spaces for more beauty to thrive.
In this conversation, Shay and Catherine discuss:

  • Launching a business while prioritizing motherhood first
  • The importance of disrupting the grind work culture
  • Distinguishing between what is an individual problem vs a collective problem
  • Finding a brand that takes up space and feels right
  • Food as the master healer
  • Rerouting our divine power into what actually matters
  • Aligning company values with Jennifer Arbrust’s Proposals for the Feminine Economy

MADRE was co-founded by Shay Carrillo / Shay Carrillo has a background in fashion styling, art direction, and photo production, which she drew upon to create Non-Perishable Goods (NPG), that she owned and operated for nine years. Shay is inspired by her ever-growing children, Waldorf education, beautiful meals shared with loved ones, and the idea of a warm and inviting home that creates and expresses ritual for art, food & rest.

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