Pleasure Activism — Meena Bhasin

Feeling disconnected from her body after giving birth, pleasure activist and violist Meena Bhasin began a journey to reclaim her greatest source of pleasure - her body. Using movement and music, she helps others claim pleasure from their bodies.

In this conversation, Meena and Catherine explore…

  • Finding sexiness from a place of ‘how I feel’ instead of ‘how I look’
  • Body changes after birth and the mental toll
  • Movement practices for trauma therapy and claiming sensuality
  • Reframing sexual energy for ourselves
  • Importance of falling in love with yourself first
  • Repatterning initiatory moments as a mother

Meena was born in New York to an Iranian Jewish mother and a Punjabi Sikh father, Meena’s identity has never fit neatly into a box, which has been both a source of pride and struggle.

At age 39, she is paving a new path forward in which radical self-love. She creates communities for women to stoke their inner fires, unleashing their fullest expression, and fueling our collective power.

Meena’s work can be found:

IG: @sensualreveler

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