Mother’s Day is Not Enough!

In this Mother’s Day episode, Catherine explores the true power of mothering and what it really means to hold reverence for mothering. We examine this life-giving, life-sustaining, primordial power that needs restoring now. We envision a world where mothers are sovereign in their power, grandmothers are honored for their wisdom, and the earth is revered for all she offers. 

Topics explored include: 

  • Moving beyond the conventional celebration of Mother's Day 
  • The power to birth & nourish life as the most potent power that exists
  • Cultural suppression and dishonoring of the mother 
  • The responsibility of mothers to come into power
  • The archetype of the Great Mother and our commitment to her
  • Catherine’s journey as a Mother
  • The initiation of birth
  • Being a warrior mama 
  • The isolation of Motherhood
  • The impact of lack of support for mothering on marriages and families
  • The reality of single mothering
  • Mothering as a path of transformation and expression
  • Catherine’s work with mothers, families, and children
  • Mother’s Day is not enough to honor mothers
  • The power of saying no

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Song Credit: All Related, by Nessi Gomes