Reclamation of Wealth – Megan deBoer

Wealth doula, Megan deBoer defines wealth as a multifaceted state of abundance in relationships, health, community, environment, and finances. She guides people to heal their relationship to wealth and abundance, accepting their fullest expression. 

In this conversation, Megan and Catherine discuss: 

  • Reclaiming our power to generate income, steward resources, and direct where they will be used
  • Examining connections between loneliness and specific purchases 
  • Generating wealth within ourselves
  • Ways Shamanism examines disease
  • Noticing depleting feelings after shopping and what this tells us
  • Cultural conditioning around consumption
  • Examining the impulse to buy and understanding the deeper meaning
  • The vulnerability of opening ourselves to ‘receive’ and claiming our worth 
  • Cultural conditioning around being a ‘giver’ that may prevent us from being a ‘receiver’ 
  • Breaking through barriers of scarcity inherited through family lineage 
  • The ways in which Megan works with her clients

Megan is a skillful tender of the relationship between inner shifts and outer results, using money as an entry point into full-spectrum wealth and reinfusing the word with its etymology of well-being. Through her background as a literal birth doula and a certified Financial Recovery Counselor, Megan is equipped to transform her clients’ finances from states of potential into breathable, harmonious financial realities. While she currently specializes in empowering self-employed individuals to radically increase their earnings, her voice also plays a vital role in the greater movement of our cultural narrative around money. Megan knows that money is only one energy and currency in our world—albeit a powerful one—and undertakes the joyful work of untangling dialogues of scarcity and fear in order to reweave them into new narratives of possibility, integration, and evolution.

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