Impactful Leadership – Tanya Geisler

Today, we have a special treat for our listeners!

Catherine welcomes leadership coach, speaker, writer, imposter complex expert, and sassy soul Tanya Geisler, to the show for a powerful and lively conversation about learning how to feel more whole and have more impact in our leadership.

Tanya is a certified Leadership Coach, in-demand international TEDxWomen speaker, and writer who teaches leaders how to combat their Imposter Complex and lead with ICONIC impact so they can achieve their ultimate goals. Her clients include best-selling authors, heads of industries, MPs, public speakers, leaders, movement makers, entrepreneurs and legendary motivators.

With both compassion and a sense of humor, Tanya  and Catherine discuss:

  • Matriarchal leadership
  • The Imposter Complex
  • Tanya’s concept of the golden shadow as something we can learn to bask in.
  • Working with opening up more traditional definitions of identities like a CEO.
  • Playing with the question, “How good can you let it be?”
  • The importance of celebration in personal and collective growth.
  • Commodification and extraction of inspiration, opening, the creative force.
  • Our special gifts and how they show up in our various lives.
  • Tanya’s origin story of discovering and claiming her own gifts and the arrival of the imposter complex for her ted-x talk.
  • External reflection and mirroring and internal ways of knowing.
  • The idea that life has your back even in the hard places.

I hope you enjoy this lively, fun, spirited, and heartwarming conversation with the one and only Tanya Geisler.

You can find Tanya at:
IG: @tanyageisler
Quiz: What’s Your ICONIC Identity?

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