A Happier Mind – Anh Oppenheimer

Anh Oppenheimer, mental health advocate and entrepreneur, shares her real-time process of how she confronts her mental health challenges as well as helping others do the same.

Topics Anh and Catherine discuss…

  • Approaching social anxiety
  • “Mental health is physical health”
  • Building up your immune system when times are good
  • Surrendering your ego to welcome new relationships to form
  • What is mine to hold? Empower someone else to hold? Let go of?
  • Life circumstances forcing inconvenient pauses
  • Struggling to ask for what we need to receive
  • Giving people the opportunity to say no
  • Breaking the perfectionism that prevents our gifts from coming forward

Anh Oppenheimer is a mental health advocate and the creator of My Happier Mind Cue Cards: 71 Tips & Tricks to Better Mental Health. Anh is striving to remove the stigma of mental health issues by using her experience as a life-long sufferer of depression, anxiety, and social anxiety to shine a light for others.

As a mother of two young adult boys, she is particularly interested in doing this for teens and college-age kids. Her card deck of My Happier Mind Cue Cards is being used within school districts, in sorority houses, and is beginning to be sold in book and gift stores around the country. Before focusing on mental wellness, Anh worked in the world of documentaries producing Yakoana: The Voice of Indigenous Peoples, and two mini-documentaries about the Kirkwood Volunteer Fire Fighters. She is co-editor of an upcoming book Kirkwood: Stories from the First Fifty Years. When her boys were little, she designed warm, romantic, eco-friendly sleepwear to help her get through the foggy nights in San Francisco. She can be found on tiktok and instagram under the handle @MyHappierMind.


Link to purchase My Happier Mind’s Cue Cards: https://myhappiermind.com/product/cue-cards/

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