Designing through the Unknown - Jan Hammock

Jan Hammock is a maven of moving through the Unknown, alchemizing her pain into nourishing beauty for others to heal. As a designer, she creates experiences around food to draw people together.

Topics discussed:

  • Finding delight in day-to-day pain and vulnerability
  • Holding power while moving through an unaccountable system of divorce
  • How Jan’s dreams presented the blueprints of her business
  • Remembering your deepest self amidst major life changes
  • Alchemizing food for healing, play, and community
  • Redefining her life, without the answers, but having the faith to accept the process as it unfolds
  • Shifting from ‘mothering’ to embodying Great Mother and new feminine roles

You can find more from Jan here:
Instagram: @millielottietotes

Song Credit: All Related, by Nessi Gomes