Healing Our Workplace with Heart – Heather Gunnell

Do you ever question the health of the way we work? Or, have you suffered from working in a toxic work environment or had to face workplace burnout? If so, listen up! 

In this episode, Heather Gunnell, an inspiring and experienced leadership coach and consultant of 20 years, explains her vision for creating healthy work environments. Heather offers powerful insights on healing work systems and transforming work to honor our full expression and wholeness. Heather has discovered how to lead from the heart, be people-focused, and still kick ass at work. 

Heather is on a mission to transform workplace culture so people can bring their unique genius to the workplace, be fully engaged, and have the energy and time to live a full life outside work. 

In this conversation, Heather and Catherine discuss:

  • Being on the precipice of a new cycle
  • How we receive information from our souls and how we move with it in the world
  • Serving truth in big and small moments
  • Moving with energy and wholeness to change the way we work in the world
  • What it means to bring the sacred feminine into the workplace
  • Using the language of feminine energy and being a translator in business
  • How the frequency we hold - our presence and wholeness – heals organizations
  • How denying the feminine leads to burnout
  • The power of mothering your way 
  • Bridging the gap! Yes, it is possible to be whole and work

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