Earth Elements — Katie Chirgotis

Katie Chirgotis is a practicing florist, student of Nature and seeker of deeper knowing based on the Central Coast of California. As our collective society tilts into a time and experience unlike any other, it is her deep belief that we must look to Earth-based practices and ancestral teachings from those far wiser to call back our humanity, and return to center.

It is her daily effort to make work and act from a place of trust, co-creation, and heart-centered intention. Trying, failing, learning, and loving along the way.

In this conversation, Katie and Catherine explore…

  • The Magnolia connection

  • Connection to the elements

  • The magnolia as an archetype

  • Weird and WYRD

  • The great Mother as a cauldron

  • Katie’s mission finding the magical in the mundane

  • The animistic quality of others

  • Katie’s path to her current works

  • The courage to follow one’s soul and to follow the unknown

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Song Credit: All Related, by Nessi Gomes