Making Sound — Annakalmia Traver

Annakalmia Traver (she/they) is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and poet. A student, interpreter and manifestor of sound, Annakalmia is tapped into the creative force through beautifully dynamic ways.

In this conversation, Annakalmia  and Catherine discuss…

  • The feeling of creating sound 
  • Setting boundaries to make art for just yourself
  • Remembering we are a part of something bigger
  • Surprising yourself during the creation process 
  • The feedback loop that comes from entertaining a live audience 
  • No more ‘music industry’, it’s ‘music culture’ 
  • The process of freeform creation within a collective 
  • Remembering there is always possibility in practice 
  • Stepping into more integrated role of masculine/feminine within ourselves
  • Annakalmia’s big cat dream and its source of power 

Annakalmia has traveled the world offering her performances to happy crowds as front person and co-bandleader of the bands Rubblebucket and Kalbells. She's made appearances at venues such as The Filmore, Brooklyn Steel, Bonaroo, Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel, Lincoln Center, BAM, and many more. She’s a sister, aunt, daughter, and granddaughter, and loves cooking, gardening, singing together, and staring at horizons.

Learn more about Annakalmia’s work:




Kabells’ Hump the Beach (official music video)

Rubblebucket’s Geometry (official music video)

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Song Credit: All Related, by Nessi Gomes