Trusting Your Fullness — Mara Glatzel

Intuitive Coach & author, Mara Glatzel explores what it feels like to identify, honor, and advocate for your own needs. Mara is the author of the book, Needy and host of the Needy podcast. 

Topics Mara and Catherine discuss include…

  • Access points to identify you needs 
  • Stepping away from the feeling of ‘urgency’ 
  • Trusting in your child’s own path 
  • Leadership in motherhood
  • Doing things less perfectly 
  • “I want to feel like I matter to you”
  • Identifying the need beneath the need
  • Messiness of trying to get our needs met through a partner 
  • Setting up conditions to receive for when we’re unable to ask 
  • Reparenting yourself while parenting
  • The disservice of putting oneself last 

Mara shares, “... I am a queer, femme wife and mother of two, recovering control freak, and a human who deeply understands the impulse to relegate her needs to the bottom of a very long to-do list in an attempt to prove her worth. / I am not even slightly interested in one size fits all “self-care” that continually misses the mark. /  I am ecstatic about helping perfectionists, caregivers, and people pleasers take up space in their lives and reclaim their sovereignty through honoring and advocating for their needs.  /  It is time to rebuild the chasm in your relationship with yourself so that you can feel seen, heard, and adored, no matter what. This is the ultimate act of self-care. /  I believe you are allowed to start again whenever you need to -- mid-morning, mid-bite, or whenever the mood strikes. /  I am here for the fullest expression of everything you are.”

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